About me

Roberto Terreiro Prado



       I remember the day I was in a restaurant with my parents when everyone suddenly became quiet and I heard a piece of gorgeous music. It was Stan Getz playing saxophone in João Gilberto's Bossa Nova Album. That moment changed my life. I told my parents that I wanted to play that instrument that I was hearing and by 11 years old I started playing the alto sax. 

            Even before picking up the horn, the soundtracks of my favorite films in my childhood were as important as starting playing an instrument. I would watch these movies by Spielberg, James Cameron, Pixar, and Disney with such enthusiasm I would seat in front of the TV so I could be closer to the speakers to "feel" it more. Those movies’ scores moved me so much I could spend days talking about each scene that marked me.

       After 3 years of studying the saxophone, I decided to start piano lessons with Mauricio Marques, a former Berklee grad. He showed me the world of jazz and improvisation, and at the same time encouraged me to start composing my own music. By 17, I was accepted at UNESP (São Paulo State University) as a Bachelors's degree student in Composition.

       From this time on, I began composing music for International film scoring contests (including Marvin Hamlisch competition, Oticon Faculty Contest, World Soundtrack Awards) and in multiples composition contests. From those, I was a finalist in two international Composition Contest held by KLK New Music in Ukraine, where professional musicians of the Philharmonic of Lviv recorded my pieces and performed them live. From these recordings, I received a commission by the State Orchestra of São Paulo (OSESP) to compose a piece for wind quintet, which was premiered in 2017. And late 2017 I recorded my work “Sinfonietta” for string orchestra with the Brno Philharmonic (Czech Republic) which was released in 2018 in an album called "Orchestral Masters vl. 5".

      Meanwhile, I had good opportunities to develop my film scoring techniques by working on student's short films, feature movies, and documentaries and work for different audio production companies from Brazil. For some examples for these works, check my Selected Works page! 

             After graduating in Electronic Production & Design, Film Scoring with a minor in Video Game scoring at Berklee College of Music (summa con Laude), I moved to Los Angeles where I'm currently working as an assistant to composer Michael Kramer and doing custom tracks for Trailer Houses




I've been playing saxophone since 11 years old and my main focus is the Baritone Sax. I'm also a flute, clarinet and piano player. 




  • A Tale Dark & Grimm 2021: Additional Music and Music Editing

  • The Ghost and Molly McGee 2021: Additional Music and Music Editing

  • He-man and The Masters of the Universe 2021: Additional Music and Music Editing

  • Lego Star Wars: Terrifying Tale 2o21: Additional Music

  • The Lift 2020: Synth Programmer

  • Carta para Além dos Muros, 2019. Original score composer, conducted and produced by Roberto Prado.

  • Big Boy. 2018. Original score composed and produced by Roberto Prado

  • Soundtrack for two Spatial Audio experience for the HYPER Festival Brazil - 2018

  • Bia (2.0), 2018. Original score composed and produced by Roberto Prado

  • Copo de Luz, 2018. Original score composed and produced by Roberto Prado

  • Shivta, 2017. Original score composed and produced by Roberto Prado and Emanuel Keller.

  • Ver, 2017. Oringal score composed and produced by Roberto Prado and Lorenzo Scavone. 

  • White Rose , 2015. Original score composed and produced by Roberto Prado



  • Screech Machine- USC/Berklee (2020)

  • Confectionary- USC/Berklee (2020)

  • Re-score study of "Little Nightmare" (2020) Wwise/Unity Implementation

  • Re-score study of "Journey"(2020) Wwise/Unity Implementation 

  • App soundtrack development: “Me Acorde”; “Formulando” and “Drop The Beat” (available in Apple Store) 2013, 2014, 2015








  • Berklee Commencement Ceremony with John Legend, Sheila E. and Cassandra Wilson.

  • Berklee Silent Film Orchestra- "The Phantom of the Opera" (November/December 2019)

  • CWP Concert- Berklee (April 2019)

  • Aretha Franklin Tribute Show (April 2019)

  • Barril Band- Caf Show (March 2019)

  • Freedom:  A Black Culture Celebration (February 2019)

  • David Bowie Tribute (February 2019)

  • Berklee Indian Ensemble (December 2018)

  • Idolos Latinos- Berklee BPC show (October 2018)

  • "Ocupai"- Barril (August 2018)

  • Recording and Conducting of original composition for string orchestra at the Synchron Stage Vienna (2016).

  • Recording and production of the 4th and 5th album of the Brazilian band “Patavinas Jazz Club” with two original songs arranged and recorded (2013 and 2014)

  • Member of Orquestra Jovem Tom Jobim for 2 years (2015-2016).



Premier of "Veredas" for Zephyros Wind Quintet (OSESP, 2017)



"I am truly honored and happy to receive the Alf Clausen Award (notorious for his work in the Simpsons) from the Film scoring department last month.

Being at Berklee has being a dream of mine since I was 12 and doing Film Scoring here has been a unique and amazing experience.

Thanks to the chair Sean McMahon, Professor Richard Davis and all faculty I had over the last two years who supported me and believed in my work."

Critic by Colin Clarke (Fanfare Magazine, EUA):


"The Brno Philharmonic boasts a fine string section, and we hear that to maximal effect in Roberto Prado’s three-movement Sinfonietta. The two outer movements are slow, but the latter breathes a lighter air; in the center sits an Allegro powered by multiple meters and fugato. Prado’s ear for writing for strings is strong; there is a luminosity here that is memorable"