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I'll never forget that day at a small restaurant on Ilha Bela Island (Brazil) with my parents. The atmosphere suddenly grew silent, and then I heard it—the most incredible piece of music. It was Stan Getz playing on João Gilberto's Bossa Nova Album. That moment had a profound impact on me. I turned to my parents and declared my desire to play the instrument I was hearing. At the age of 11, I picked up the alto saxophone and began my musical journey.


Even before I started playing the sax, the soundtracks of my favorite childhood films were just as important in shaping my passion for music. I would watch Spielberg, James Cameron, Pixar, and Disney movies with unwavering enthusiasm, sitting right in front of the TV to immerse myself in the mesmerizing scores.


After three years of studying the saxophone, I decided to venture into piano lessons with Mauricio Marques, a talented piano player and former Berklee graduate. He introduced me to the world of jazz and improvisation, while also encouraging me to explore my own musical compositions. At 17, I was accepted into UNESP (São Paulo State University) as a Composition major.


In the meantime, I began composing music for international film scoring contests, including the Marvin Hamlisch competition, Oticon Faculty Contest, and World Soundtrack Awards, among others. I also participated in various composition contests. In 2016 and 2017, I was honored to be a finalist in two international Composition Contests held by KLK New Music in Ukraine. The professional musicians of the Philharmonic of Lviv recorded and performed my pieces live. Inspired by those experiences, I received a commission from the State Orchestra of São Paulo (OSESP) to compose a piece for their wind quintet entitled “Veredas”, which premiered in 2017. Later that year, my work "Sinfonietta" for string orchestra was recorded with the Brno Philharmonic (Czech Republic) and released in 2018 as part of the album "Orchestral Masters vl. 5".


Simultaneously, I had the opportunity to develop my skills in film scoring by working on student short films, advertising, feature movies, and documentaries, collaborating with various audio production companies in Brazil, Including my first feature film “Bia” (2.0) and the featured documentary about the AIDS in Brazil entitled “Carta para Além dos Muros”. For some examples for these works, check my Catalog page! 


After completing my studies at Berklee College of Music, majoring in Electronic Production & Design, Film Scoring, with a minor in Video Game Scoring, I made the exciting move to Los Angeles. Currently, I'm working as an assistant to composer and additional writer to Michael Kramer and creating music for films and Trailer Houses, such as Warner Chappell Production Music, Brand X Music & Enigmaudio

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